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April 2011



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Apr. 16th, 2011


Of virtual dollhouses

So I finally gave in and bought a copy of Sims Medieval. Also, since it was right there at the store I grabbed The Sims 3 Deluxe. I’ve never actually played a Sims game – the one time I ATTEMPTED to play the $5 Korean boot leg copy of some earlier Sims game totally doesn’t count.

But since my impression of The Sims is that it’s basically a digital dollhouse full of fun houses to build and pretty clothes to put on your digital dolls, how can I resist? Particularly a Medieval dollhouse! Also the Sims team sits one floor up from me, so I kind of feel like I ought to check out one (or two… actually three) of their games. I also have a random copy of Sims 2 Pets for the Wii, but I may pass that on to the family in Florida, because I just don’t really see myself playing it.

You know the hardest part about blogging? Trying to come up with a semi coherent way to end your posts. Since I can’t come up with anything, I am signing off.


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Apr. 12th, 2011


Testing… testing…

Man, I am such a failure at blogging.

Even with my own shiny website I usually don’t get around to posting. Part of the problem is that my life is basically all about work.  I don’t work insane amounts of overtime or anything, but when I’m at work things are pretty damn hectic and stressful, so it’s very consuming mentally. By the time I get home my brain has turned to Swiss cheese.

Another part of the problem is my commute. I live about 35 miles from the studio, and if you know anything about California rush hours traffic, you know that 35 miles in rush hour is basically about an hour and a half of pure hell. So instead of driving I take the train – but it doesn’t really make things faster, just a bit less stressful. So my average work day starts at 6 am when I wake up, and ends at about 6:45 pm when I finally get home. At that point I am completely devoid of clever commentary or interesting stories.

For instance tonight I was going to write about the awesome weekend we spent up in San Francisco for the Cherry Blossom festival, but then I got distracted helping my mom with her taxes, and now we’re watching Tron, so I am going to call it quits. BUT I did manage to find a cross posting plug in for my blog, so hopefully this will post properly to LiveJournal.

Here goes nothing!

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Dec. 29th, 2010


People I am not dead! (long ass post)

In fact, I am alive! I am just so, so, so, so, behind on updating LJ that it's laughable. (I'm also working on migrating to my own website and blog.)

Now in my last post I (sort of) explained that Erin and I were moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. Well we're here! We arrived on the 9th of October after a fairly uneventful if INCREDIBLY long drive, with us, a trailer, and all five cats.

Five cats + 2800 miles.

Yeah, I gave you a little time to just think about that. Usually people have to take a moment after I tell them. The surprising part is that honestly, they were really well behaved. In the past, transporting the cats has been a nightmare. Mistoffelees in particular, our male cat, will shriek at the top of his lungs for HOURS. When driving the 90 miles from Tampa to Orlando he would cry for the ENTIRE trip. I refused to drive with him, because I feared the noise would make me insane and I'd chuck him out a window. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to that drive times 30.

So what we decided to do was to let them out of their carriers, and just have the back seat all to themselves, on the theory that the real problem was actually their hatred of their cat carriers. We tested this theory by taking Misto for short rides around the neighborhood. We meant to take all the cats around and acclimate them to the Jeep, but didn't have time in the mad dash to pack. Unfortunately, it wasn't looking good, since Misto wouldn't shut up even when he wasn't in his carrier. The only thing that calmed him down? Being held by me or Erin the entire time. Holding a 15 pound squirmy cat for 3000 miles did not appeal.

But we decided to soldier on, because really, what choice did we have? Flying the cats was prohibitively expensive, and I'm an overprotective kitty parent who wasn't comfortable being separated from her fuzzy children. So when moving day came around we turned my Jeep Liberty into a kitty Taj Mahal. We folded the back seats down, spread out a tarp (just in case of accidents) and covered it with a comforter, then we added some pillows up towards the front seat, set out their water dish, added another blanket they love, their favorite toy, and one of their litter boxes. Honestly, the back of the car looked so comfortable I was kind of jealous.

And do you know where my little shitlings spent most of their time? Squeezed in under the folded down back seats asleep. Aldonza was the only cat who regularly slept in the cushy back seat. Of course when we got out of the car to rest, eat, or get gas, all of them came crawling out and would sprawl on the front seats, because they are butt heads, but most of the time they were under the seats.

We had to load the cats up several hours before we were ready to leave because we had a cleaning person in the apartment who needed access to all the rooms. At first they were all looking kind of stressed. They were quiet, but they were all sort of panting and looking a little wild eyed. The first day (Monday the 3rd of October) we drove Erin's Mustang down to Tampa to drop off at his sister's place (where it's living until we have our own place) and then we headed to Tallahassee, our first stop on the trip. That was also our first time driving the Jeep with a trailer attached, so it was kind of nerve wracking.

Once we got to the hotel (at around 10 pm) it took two trips with full luggage carts to get all our shit up into the hotel (I also spent hours and hours planning our route and finding pet friendly hotels to stay at). By the end of the trip we had unloading down to a science. First we brought up all the luggage, the litter box, our cooler, and the food and water dishes. Then we went down, got the cat carriers out of the trailer, and stuffed all 5 cats into their carriers and took them upstairs. It was definitely an experience - we stopped in Baton Rouge, San Antonio, El Paso (God Texas is fucking HUGE) and Blythe, California before we made the final stretch to San Jose and my parents' house.

Despite our worries, after a few minutes of yelling, Misto settled down just fine. Every day after that in the morning he would have a session of yelling at passing cars, and refusing to shut up unless he was being cuddled. But then every day around 12 pm Eastern time, no matter what time zone we were in, he'd settle down and sleep until we reached the hotel. And while I was tempted to leave him behind in Louisiana on the second morning of the trip, I resisted the urge.

So now we are all settled in my parents' apartment, and our five cats are learning to live with their one cat, who is the root of all evil. But that's a story for another time.

Sep. 29th, 2010


Do you know the way to San Jose?

Yes, yes I do, and it is across 2853 miles of open highway.

In case you're wondering, we are the SF Bay Area. Into my parents' apartment in San Jose to be specific. Planning for this trip has completely consumed my brain, and when I do come up for air, I'm concentrating on my remaining days of work. We'll be driving cross country over 5 and a half days, with all 5 cats and a trailer. I suspect I will be ready to make 5 pairs of slippers by the time we get to San Jose. I am excited, happy, sad, terrified, anxious, and stressed. I will miss all my friends in FL so much, but there are so many opportunities in CA for both Erin and myself, that it's just the right time to go.

The fact that we're both unemployed and moving to one of the most expensive areas in the country makes me seriously question my sanity, but sometimes you just need to take the plunge, and that time has come. We managed to save up enough money to make getting cross country possible, and once we're both employed again (which will hopefully be soon, knock wood, etc.) we'll be shipping all our stuff via POD. We're taking a trailer with the essentials we can live without (like the 47" tv and all our video game consoles... priorities, we has them.) And I have to admit, after 10 years of being away, I am SO looking forward to being back in CA. I don't think I was really old enough to appreciate how really lucky I was to live in such an incredible area full of culture, beauty, and incredible food!

I'll be posting pictures, video, and commentary as we cruise our way across the country, so stay tuned. :)

Aug. 1st, 2010



So I got a whim the other day to try a new moisturizer from Avon that I saw a commercial for - I got a deal on a full size night and day cream, so I thought "why not." I just put it on, and I can really tell it's been a while since I used a traditional face cream (I've been using natural serums/oils) because my skin feels decidedly tingly. Considering that my skin has been breaking out for no good reason lately, I'm hoping the salicylic acid content will be helpful. But I'm not sure I'll be using the night cream every night, especially to start out with. On the plus side it cost just over $30 for the full size night cream and I got the day cream for free, so even if I end up hating one or both, it could have been way worse. (I used to use a Sheseido moisturizer, that shit was $pendy.)

And yes, after not posting for weeks, I post randomly about moisturizer. This is how my mind works.